AOKP – Android Open Kang Project on GS3

AOKP “is a custom ROM distribution of many Android devices.” I recently learned of this projects existence from my colleague Krishna and I must say this ROM is fantastic!

By following some awesome instructions created by “open1your1eyes0” and posted on the XDA-Developers forum, I had the JellyBean major release 1 up in running in about an hour! Really great work by all the people involved.

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Tin Can Radar Forum Live!

It’s official, the Tin Can Radat Forum is live!!!!

Head over to to check it out.

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Tin Can Radar Forum

My colleague, Dr. Greg L. Charvat, has led the development of a Tin-Can Radar kit that has been drawing all kinds of attention across the country. You can read a bit about it here (LINK).

Recently I have been lending Greg a hand setting up a forum for users and developers of Tin Can Radar systems to share everything Tin Can related. Stay tuned for a link to the site once we decide to make it live.

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Tesla500’s YouTube Channel

For some great engineering entertainment and well documented experimentation head over to Tesla500’s YoutTube channel and check out his videos. Awesome work on everything from tesla coils to electronic cars! Yeah, the kind you build yourself!

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The Challenge of Innovation?

How many times have you and your buddies been sitting around trying to come up with that “million dollar” idea? Or how many times have you saw something new and say, “how come I didn’t think of that”?

In this essay, by Scott Berkun, Scott raises some points. Anyone can innovate. What sets the innovators apart from those who think about innovating is how they approach innovation and the lack of will to follow through. Check out the full essay here.

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America’s 25 Most Inspiring Companies

Check out this article on Forbes covering a study by Performance Inspired, Inc., ranking the top 25 companies by inspiration of others. Link to Article

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Caliper Industrial Design

If you are looking for an Industrial Designer, I would recommend checking out Caliper Industrial Design!

A good friend of mine from the Wentworth Institute of Technology, Bob Antonuccio, has recently launched his own industrial design company. Bob has a very strong mechanical background and has recently been getting his hands dirty learning to program the amazing robots he has put together. I can only image how critical it is when hiring an industrial design firm that they be able to take projects from concept to completion. That is what Caliper Industrial Design is all about!

Good luck Bob!

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